Burdock & Hemp Cleanser CBD #100pourcentcbd

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TerraVida Online

Formulated with herbal ingredients like burdock root, poria cocos, and hemp, this herbal cleanser purifies, nourishes, and revitalizes the skin during the cleansing process

Our proprietary blend of herbal ingredients deeply cleanses skin and pores, removing impurities like dirt and oil and providing superior anti-aging benefits while regaining optimal balance of your skin

All Cannabis Beauty products feature our proprietary Bibong® herbal blends

These Bibong® botanical extract blends tap into centuries of Korean herbal medicine to provide all-natural botanical anti-aging benefits to your skin.
Bibong® herbal blends work synergistically to increase the bioavailability of our active ingredients, including hemp, and maximize the benefits of Cannabis Beauty products, leaving your skin radiant and youthful looking
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