Canopy Growth Outlines its CBD Advantage

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Canopy Growth began adding strategic hemp assets to its portfolio in 2016 focused on consumer-packaged goods

The market potential for hemp and future CBD products was soon realized and the Company began investing in field-scale operations in late 2017 in order to vertically integrate its hemp business to mirror its existing cannabis business

"Canopy has been preparing for and investing in this opportunity for several years now, through strategic acquisitions, infrastructure expansion, and extensive internal research and development," said Bruce Linton, Chairman & Co-CEO, Canopy Growth. "With the door now open,

we are moving fast to bring our considerable resources to establish the same market leadership position internationally that we have earned in the Canadian cannabis market. Canopy has a strong supply of CBD, a significant channel presence, the IP to drive the CBD industry forward to the benefit of consumers, and the balance sheet needed to act now"
SOURCE Canopy Growth Corporation
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