Silver Mountain Survey for the Pharmaceutical Industries

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Healing does not pay or the paradox of the pharmaceutical industry, we are sheep, ants, we do not imagine what is happening in the directions of these multi national

In 2016 in the United States, 65,000 people died of opiate overdose. These substances marketed to fight against pain have become the drug of the popular and middle class neighborhoods, with a new kind of drug addict having switched to drugs after a simple prescription of painkillers. Among those responsible for this unprecedented hecatomb is the Perdue Pharma laboratory. In the mid-nineties, he and other competitors launched more powerful painkillers despite the proven risk of addiction (in the TV drama, it is the Doctor House who is addicted to the Vicodin, powerful antalgic, following his prescription after an accident)

OxyContin, analgesic related to morphine, becomes its flagship product. To give itself the means to make a blockbuster, "the laboratory deploys an army of more than seven hundred sales representatives to extol the merits to the practitioners of the country. He publishes videos, pamphlets, songs dedicated to the miracle cure, and prints 34,000 coupons offering free prescriptions. In 1996, sales of OxyContin brought in $ 45 million. Four years later, they are worth more than $ 1 billion and surpass Viagra's revenue. »200,000 dead since 1999, this is a review of the aggressive commercial strategies that have popularized OxyContin and its competitors

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France is unfortunately not left behind. 1,300 to 1,800 people died because of the Mediator, a flagship product of the laboratory Servier, which had managed to get what was originally a diabetes medication for an appetite suppressant to fight against obesity. Despite the indictment for "aggravated deception" of its CEO in 2012, the laboratory Servier is well: it was established a few weeks ago in the United States after the biggest acquisition of its history

The state, willing victim or how the pharmaceutical industry makes the law
The drug stories end badly, in general ... for the patients, but not for the labs, who are doing well enough despite the scandals. It must be said that when they burst, the dividends have already been paid: the logic of the blockbuster is the short-term, and when the authorities arrive, when they arrive, it is all too often after the battle. It turns out that France is a paradise for pharmaceutical companies: Medicare is largely responsible for health expenditure, which creates a constant market, and the government is particularly complacent with regard to the sector. The current government, like the previous ones, has strong ties with the pharmaceutical community. Macron's embarrassing saucepan during his campaign, his health advisor, Dr Jacques Mourad, was closely linked to the Servier laboratories: more than 80,000 euros in restaurant, accommodation and transport costs and numerous interventions for the laboratory between 1 January 2013 and end of June 2016 were revealed in March 2017, resulting in his resignation