Medical benefits of cannabis

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The very positive outcome (best result they could possibly come up with) acknowledges the medical benefits of Cannabis and cannabinoids, reintegrates them into pharmacopeias, balances harms, and de facto repeals the WHO position from 1954 according to which “there should be extension of the efforts towards the abolition of cannabis from all legitimate medical practice

The international scheduling proposed by WHO provides with a highly simplified and normalized international control, as well as an increased possibility for countries to provide legal and safe access for medical use in a pragmatic, coherent, and rights-enhancing manner

The graph below is not comprehensive, but provides with a good idea of the proposed scheduling changes

The Countries that might vote the final recommendations
If the vote is to happen in March 2019 (which is not certain, the vote might be delayed to March 2020), the countries that will have to approve WHO’s outcome recommendations are listed below. If the vote is to happen in 2020, some of these countries might change